Portfolio - BW Training and Coaching

BW Training and Coaching

The Brief

BW Training and Coaching needed a new website to replace their home made site. The client wanted to incorporate the colours green and orange and symbolise the change that their clients go through by depicting the changing seasons.

The Process

I sent the client some mockup pictures with my ideas and the client chose her favorite parts from the different ideas. The client wanted to use the different leaves throughout the site with a spring, summer, autumn and winter theme for each page.

The Outcome

This is a responsive site (without the use of a framework). I think the colours make a site that relies heavily on text quite striking. The client will hopefully increase her use of the web to promote her business and I hope to be able to help her add more features when she is ready to do so.

BW Training and Coaching about us page

About Us page has a responsive layout.

BW Training and Coaching courses page

The Courses page uses overlays to display detailed course information.