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Jayne Storer Acupuncture

The Brief

This was my second project and was a redesign of an existing site which by my clients own admission was not a very attractive home made site. We needed to make it aesthetically pleasing whilst maintaining all of the information that was already there.

The Process

I sent the client a couple of pictures of a mockup with different colour schemes and we settled on a green theme. However, my clients logo was a deep red colour and this led to the red accents which has turned it into a really bright and attractive looking site. I was able to use some jQuerey plugins in order to find ways to display a large amount of text in a more interesting way.

The Outcome

I really like the bright and vibrant look of this site. Again, it is not responsive at the moment but that is something that we will look address later this year.

david povey photography

The testimonials page uses call-outs to break up the large amount of text.

david povey photography

Again the FAQ page contains a lot of vital text so I used a jQuerey plugin in order to collapse large sections of text.